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How to turn off Bitdefender blocked this page notifications


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If you are using a Bitdefender security product such as Internet Security 2014 on your system to protect it from harm and the many dangers of the Internet, you may have come upon the "Bitdefender blocked this page" message when trying to access websites in your browser of choice.


The program seems to monitor web traffic regardless of browser, to intercept the transfer of data if a domain is recognized that it believes is malicious or dangerous in nature.

Usually, no reasonis provided why the page is blocked by the software. Instead, only the component that blocked it is listed, for instance "this page is blocked by Bitdefender Antimalware filter".

The page displays an option to get back to safety -- if closing the tab is not enough -- or to continue to the site in question (by clicking on I understand the risks, take me there anyway).

While this works most of the time, I encountered situations where an endless loop of warning pages was displayed regardless of choice on that page.

What I also noticed is that of all the sites that Bitdefender listed as dangerous, none were. That's the main reason why I decided to disable the feature.

Disabling Bitdefender blocked this page protection

The first thing that you will notice is that you cannot disable the feature in the Bitdefender software. There is simply no setting for disabling the antimalware filter in the application itself.

The only option you have -- or the only one that I discovered -- is to turn off the filter when you receive the blocked page notification.


A toolbar is displayed on top of the page -- which you only see if you do not block the script from loading automatically, which is the case if you use NoScript for example.

A click on the settings button there displays three filters that Bitdefender offers that can block pages or warn you about them. The first two are responsible for blocking pages and the blocked this page message, the third for ratings in the search results.

To disable the "blocked this page" warning, switch the Antiphishing Filter and Antimalware Web Filter to off. I have turned off both, but it may be safer to keep the antiphishing filter turned on unless you know what you are doing or experience false positives while it is enabled.

Note that the configuration change is valid for all web browsers and web traffic. If you turn it off in Google Chrome, it will also be disabled for Firefox and any other browser that you are using to browse the Internet.


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I would not turn off the whole phishing filter features as default state..

I know in most cases pages are safe...but...no!

I turn it off if I have a page blocked by Bitdi and I know its cool to go there..

some times you need to enter a page...NO MATTER WHAT"! ^_^

nice post for those unfamiliar to Bitdi..


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