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Microsoft could rename Office Web Apps to Office Online


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Earlier today I reported about the rebranding of SkyDrive to OneDrive -- but it looks as though this may not be the only renaming that is taking place. While the change of name for SkyDrive comes about for legal reasons, Microsoft may also be considering changing the name of Office Web Apps to the slightly more sensible Office Online.

This latest rumor comes courtesy of none other than Mary Jo Foley who says that livesino.net's Yan Zhu shared with her a number of screenshots that show the use of a new naming convention. Specifically, one screenshot shows a titlebar bearing the words Word Online, while another makes reference to Office Online.

This understandably opens up the possibility that there could be a rebranding on the cards. If the online version of Office is to be rename Office Online, and Word is to be called Word Online, it would make sense that the rest of the suite followed suite -- so we could end up with Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online as well.

The new name seems to be a good idea. It sounds more natural, and will do a great deal to expand the appeal of online Office tools to home users rather than just businesses.

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