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Confused about Uni application


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Guys, i have no idea what UCAS is, but everyone keeps telling me i need it.

I dont even know how to start a personal statement. I dont usually turn up to tutorials at school just the lessons and i missed vital help to get started on it. So basically im kind of panicing, because im the only one who doesnt have a clue where to start.

A moment ago i just registered on The UCAS website still oblivious to its cause.

Can someone help set me a clear path on where to go from here?

Personal statement examples etc would be nice.

Im hoping to study Business Studies (Finance) or Business Studies (Marketing).

I also want to try aply for City and Brunel as my first 2 options, City being the most optimistic choice and brunal as the average. Im not doing very well either, and for city 280 seems a hell of a lot. Brunel is only 240, but thats still sounds hell of a lot to do. 1 A gives you 120 points in A2 and -10pts every grade below it respectively.

Help ;) Where do i go from here

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Well january the 15th isn't long away, you must be quick, unless you may miss out. I have alot of stuff on personal statements somewhere, but it's all on paper, but thats the the important thing. Let me know if you want it and i'll dig it up....

280 points is BBC, isn't that much thinking of it. 240 points is CCC , even less.

UCAS is kinda like an admissions board for ALL universities in Britain. Once registered you will get some info and a form to fill in.... its simple and step by step. You college/ sixth form is prolly the best place to ask, they will know best.

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Wow a BBC :/ Thats very optimistic for me.

I hope you can help me by digging those statements up, a few good examples of what i should be writing when applying for a business course. Scan them or something.

Thanks ;), im going to find out more from school, in the mean time this forum can help me out bit by bit.

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