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Top 10 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook


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By Sana Pujani, January 21, 2014

Social networking is to Facebook like photo-copying is to xerox. We live in this world where the once loved website has become a creeper. Lets take a look at why we have started to develop that repealing feeling for Facebook.

10 .Its gone commercial !
The Gen-today doesn’t need an introduction to Facebook or free social networking but its time the gravy trail ended . Facebook is gone commercial and is turning into a corporate stooge hell bent at squeezing out money from you in any way possible. Don’t believe me ? check the new promote feature and you ll believe it my friend . Now pay anything between 5$ to 300$ to have your status promoted on your timeline . If you pay then it appears on your Facebook Friends time line . When your friend interact with it it appears on your friend’s friend’s timeline . the layers keep increasing and your post is seen by different people , it branches out . It doesn’t end there my friend, You get a corporate analysis in form of graphs and percentage and facts and figure to show you how much you benefited from this. The post has a sponsored tab beneath it from where you can access the new ‘valued added’ feature. Nothing wrong in it right ? I come on Facebook to chill and not entertain the paid posts or the read adds which i would otherwise ignore . Literally have to search for relevant posts , that is a little more effort than what i would usually put into relaxing. If i dont pay , in some time i would be erased out of the face of network lost in oblivion as i did not pay .

9. New settings ? Not again .
Change is good but at least give me time to enjoy the change before you start the process all over again. Burying the details way inside he website and tweaking them every now and then just isn’t cool anymore. We get used to one form of operation and suddenly we learn that it is changed to a different format and we start adjusting again. Imagine your TV , you arrange your channels according to your needs and suddenly you know that the node of operation is changed ! the angst is not less than physical pain . If this image doesn’t work then how about your laptop. You have your folders arranged to work with the click. click,click,click,click and your favorite video comes on . Now if every now and then it changes the method , say one click to double click and vive versa we reach nowhere. The hassle of rearranging it over and over again just doesn’t seem worth it . And not only is it inconvenient but your privacy settings are being changed . More often than not people are unaware of it . The process of making posts safe is itself complicating and tedious . we have to be safe with the posts and check every thing so that it is visible to people and ant visible to every Facebook user and also ts not invisible or visible to select few. The combination is like solving a math problem with several constraints which have to be just right and the rules are never same. Be sure to check the rules before you start the game even if you play it every hour of every day of your life.

8. Social hide and seek
If the green dot was not enough to holler out that you are available the seen option is the new bane of life . When you message someone sometimes you may not want to reply immediately and always the option of “ohh , i did not see the chat” saved many of us from long lasting never ending social niceties but now Facebook has decided that we have abused our right of choosing who we reply and when and replace it with the law of ” The person shall be informed when his message is seen by you’ So now buck up to reply the messages or face the nosedive in your relation . If you leave Facebook for some other surfing then mind you , the green dot gives you away and your friend or to be precise Facebook friend may get upset that you have surly attitude. The task of being online is like safeguarding a fort and making sure the lights in the window don’t give you away.

7. We Friends ? You don’t say .
We meet once at a wedding . Said hi out of social protocol. That does not make you my friend . It is now common to have 500 “friends” but just to play along , try to name them from just their profile picture or see if you even know them without the convenient mutual friend option. The mutual friend creates the illusion of having 50 testimony that you run in same circles. We end up adding people just because well we run in the same circle and this leads to some unfortunate incidents cyber crimes and distasteful meetings . You give a stranger a peek into our life and chat with them. It creates the false-ado of having a strong support system and slowly you drift into a virtual world where a genuine praise is replaced by likes and open house comments are true interests. The human touch fades away when the word friend is used for just random strangers who just happen to know the people you know.

6. RIP central park , CCD, apna adda.
Why do i take the trouble to dress up and go outside and travel all the way so that i can see you again and do nothing when i can do nothing with you right from home ? The one reason why people seriously hate Facebook is for smothering the hang out spots. The long chats the endless plates of vada-pav and going splits-es for a soda is what hang out places are supposed to be . the bond forms there . The sharing of chaats , soaking in rain, sweating out in sun and just doing nothing is what you enjoy with friends but with the addiction to Facebook, now we have sit at home play online games with own food and no worries of the weather. People have moved away from each other in the real flesh and blood world just to live in the virtual internet and Facebook world. I am one of them nonetheless I hate Facebook for replacing make believe central perk with machine.

5. I don’t want to be a part of it
50 notifications can get your mood to shoot up fast and 49 game requests can bring it down just as quickly and may also add few more negative points to it. The endless requests to play this or that or those can take the fun out of notifications. Every one faces it and by now , sadly we are used to it. temple run / criminal case/cityville.farm ville etc etc . Share a picture or your mum will die. Like a pic to save tiger , replace your profile pic with a black dot to protest , like if you love your dad , like if you believe in God, share or you will fail in exam , share or you will die tomorrow. Life is complicated as it is and when your source of relaxation becomes too demanding the point of visiting the sites fade out . every one thinks I DON’T WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS and soon enough you have the option of like/share/comment if you don’t want to be a part of this. The like and share gives an illusion that we are actually affecting the society when we share the save tiger add , but it does not add value to society just boosts up false confidence that we contributed to something worthwhile.

4. Spams and Stalkers
Many a times you find yourself tagged in a picture that’s not even remotely related to you . Sometimes you discover that you have been tagged in a post with a bunch of people you haven’t meet at a place you have never been. Its not just strangers but your friends who can spam you . Your id can be hacked and awkward photos can be spread in your name. People can have access to your life stalk your every move and keep a check on you , collect information about you . the filters allow people to list out say anyone you want with specific criteria, say models, every model in contact with you and every model in your friends contact list is listed to you . This gives easy access to lots of people into your life. the question ” Why do we allow this ? ” leaves me flabbergasted .

3. Classic waste of Time
Those of us who have internet , which is most of us have , the first tab we open is Facebook which doubles up as gaming center , birthday/anniversary/marriage announcements , news source, gossip column and everything required. The need for second tab is next to never . We have the option to read jokes, spam people, read about the latest celebrity gossip , look at gags , laugh at pics, pick out wedding dresses, future car, future house, future wife/husband and while away our time in every way possible. there is always option of choosing ones own pick of as to how to waste time today with assurance that tomorrow there will be different range of options .

2. Its open to all
Imagine you are chilling out with your friends at your own quiet retreat and suddenly your mum, dad. brother,sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law , aunt , uncle, nephew, niece, cousin uncle, and the whole K-series joint family joins you at your retreat. Seems bad ? well there is more , you have your seniors , juniors, boss, bosses wife and kids and every person from your professional life join you at your retreat. Nightmare , isn’t it ? well that’s Facebook for you today. The option is having a second id just for friends. But isn’t that just sad ?

1. (Facebook) Addict Anonymous.
By the current way of things, it wont be long before we have the concept of alcoholic anonymous adopted and converted to Facebook addict anonymous. If you check your profile when you get up , before you sleep , in middle of your sleep and every moment you can then you are a part of this group. Like every vice , it sis sweet till it becomes too sweet to tolerate. We end up hating the thing we love the most and that is the most common reason to hate Facebook.

These are the common reasons why the ‘it’ of social network is loosing its touch. The fan following is dwindling and maybe it will fade away. Just like craze for television rose and fall , Facebook is on the same path.

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first time i using it i like it because its simplicity and less ads, maybe no ads at all,

with design and other new features, its getting bloated, even i don't know the exact function of Graph Search :s

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