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Crazy (and not so) cars...


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diseno-art, strange vehicles

Strange vehicles: PowerSki Jetboard

The PowerSki Jetboard is one of the most radical water toys ever invented. The PowerSki JetBoard is an engineering marvel - the inventors have taken the basic shape of a surfboard and built in an incredibly small and flat 45hp motor capable of propelling the Jetboard up to 40 mph.


Strange vehicles: SWATH IX-529 Sea Shadow

Revealed to the public in 1994, the IX-529 Sea Shadow was built for the US Navy in 1985 to experiment with seagoing stealth technology. In addition to testing it's stealth characteristics, the Sea Shadow was also used to assess the feasibility of a minimal crew compliment, backed up by automated systems.


Strange vehicles: Gibbs Quadski

The Quadski from Gibbs Technologies Ltd, based in the UK, is the first commercialy available amphibious quad bike.

The truly all terrain Quadski is capable of 50 mph on both land and water. With over 60 patented elements making up its construction, the Gibbs Quadski converts from a quad bike to a jetski at the flick of a switch and the transition only takes 5 seconds.

The Gibbs Quadski is powered by a 140 bhp petrol engine driving the wheels on land and a water jet when in the wet stuff.



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