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Leaked Pictures of AMD Socket F


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Dutch language site Tweakers.net has the first pictures of AMD's Socket F, aka Socket 1207. This socket introduces support for DDR 2 memory and some say it will offer the ability for a integrated PCI Express controller on the cpu. Socket F is meant to be used in systems with more than one Opteron cpu."

From the site (translated with babelfish):

On our forum Gathering or Tweakers the first photograph of AMD's Socket f has emerged. In May we wrote all that AMD new processorsocket on its roadmap had put. The new voetstuk 1207 connection points would count and is intended for multi-Opteron-servers. To occur that a processor with support for Ddr-geheugen are pricked on Ddr2-voetje and vice-versa, therefore new socket were necessary. The extra pins which become available, could would according to reports be used for ge?egreerde PCI Express-controller on the processors. Striking on the photograph the clear separation in the middle of the socket is. This seems indicate that each core of dual-core the Opteron his own group has contact points and this way real such as two processors it is treated.

On the photograph is further also see that Socket f have equipped, just like Intels Socket 775, with pins which must make contact with the processor. The cpu will have will be therefore no longer pricked in the socket, but it concerns so-called LGA- socket. Socket f become moreover also Socket 1207 mentioned, but just like Socket 479 but 478 count pins, this model will have contact points also only 1206, this way precise telwerk expelled. This processor foot supports registered DDR II 533 -, 667 and 800-geheugen and this way venture AMD the gok to take on the competition with Intels FB Dimm-plannen. This last in April, as it happens, its dual-core will present platform Dempsey, with among other things Greencreek-chipset with support for FB Dimm-geheugen.

1131438107.jpg 1131438950.jpg 1131438951.jpg


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