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well i know its a bit late for part of the world. anyway, does your area/nation have a form of Halloween (OCT 31st), what do you/area do for it, what day or days do you have it on?

here is kids go around getting candy at night around 6pm-8 pm. a person has their light on outside of the house to show the kids which houses are doing it. they dress up in costumes of varies kinds. also a lot of adult custome parties go on too in some areas. lots of scary movies are shown on tv for week or two before Halloween. our version is base off european pagan holiday that christain stole for their own.

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Yep, it's highly respected around where I live in the UK. Infact, there are more than 7000 candy bars given out according to the Council.

It's great is Halloween, all the kids, all the fun, all the tricks... :P

And no, before any ideas are leeched, I DO NOT TRICK O TREAT :P

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