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Will this bottleneck the CPU?


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For next year I intend to buy an A10-6700 or an A10-5700 or whatever the latest APU is for my FM2 socket. Now there's a problem: there aren't any RAM modules available for my PC that is supported by the motherboard. I prefer to use the Kingston RAM because its much cheaper and I'm always on a budget. I intend to use 2 4GB 1600 DDR3 HyperX RAM.

Here is the only available RAM module:


Here is the Memory Support list for my Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-HD2 (Rev 1.0) with BIOS version F4:


The year after that, I also intend to get the future equivalent of the GTX650 or the Radeon HD 7770 so RAM is the biggest shortcoming here if ever.

Now what seems to be the problem with the memory? Simple. I'm using 1333 MHz RAM. I was told that with all this power I should also amp up the RAM to somewhere at least 1600 or even better, 1866 but since like I said I'm on a very tight budget and I upgrade my PC parts yearly, 1866 is not the upfront choice.

EDIT: I don't intend to game on this hardware (maybe some PS2 emulation if I have time) and intend to use this to render my videos on 1080p HD. :)

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I'm not an AMD expert, but for Intel Sandy/Ivy/Haswell platform is DDR3 1600 Mhz the sweetspot RAM.

That is if you don't overklok.

Also the extra money you pay for overclock RAM is higher then the performance boost you get.

Not to mention the compatibility issues with oveclock RAM sometimes.

I also buy Kingston ValueRAM for PC's for friends (with a budget), but for myself I buy Corsair Vengeance RAM.

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I'd personally go for Corsair at this point but 4GB isn't an option in my country and the brand that has a lot of options apparently only is Kingston.

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