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How do I make my CPU Fan run faster?


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I have a Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-HD2 and it has the following options for CPU Fan Speed:





Now choosing manual gives me the Slope PWM thing and gives an option of (quoting the manual) "0.75 PWM value /oC ~ 2.50 PWM value /oC" how do I deal with that? Should I set it higher or lower? I need it because my PC heats up to 58oC on idle so I need to amp-up the fans

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who contributed with their answers. I changed the fan settings to Manual and loaded in 2.00 in the Slope PWM.


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well never use silent... and maybe think about adding another fan to remove inside the box faster...not too sure but 58 seems within the parameters of being ok??? think it is also ok below 75 and preferably 70 when under stress... keep the dust bunnies away from the vents too and off of the actual fan itself

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Have you cleaned your PC and it's fans in recent times.

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Well, i cleaned mine, whent into BIOS, ajst. Fan speed, then F10 & was done :rolleyes:

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Your fan has a maximum speed fixed by default. You can check the RPM with some softwares or in the BIOS, but it will never go beyond this point.

In normal mode, it's supposed to adjust automatically the speed depending of the temperature of the CPU.

I think in silent mode it will keep it at the minimum speed.

Manual will let you choose a fixed RPM that'll never adjust.

You can still buy a new faster fan if you need so. :)

Unfortunately I doubt you can amp up the fan like CPU or RAM.

(I don't know what a PWM is :o)

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I would set it to Normal, try under stress and idle.

If not enough then set manual.

Manual >

0.75PWM (pulse-width modulation) would raise the speed by 0.75% per degree,

2.50PWM would raise it by 2.5% per degree.

This is like a Power curve - the higher it is set, the higher your fan is ramping up,

e.g. 1.75% PWM over 10 degrees would set it up to a differential in speed of 17,5 % PWM duty cycle.

In Manual try first with 1.5 PWM, if better than Normal but not enough under stress / idle -> increase to 2.

If ok - stay with it.

And most important - Check if you have some outstanding BIOS updates - some of them might fix a broken fan controller issues !

(Of course I assume you have cleaned all your fans with compressed air cans -- simplest thing for cleaning the PSU/CPU fans).

I assume of course that your CPU fan is a 4-Pin fan, not 3 Pin. If it is 3 Pin then you CANNOT use PWM and should use Voltage instead!

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my 2 cents for info . never use software in windows to control youre fans !

u would say let the chip of youre motherbord diside !

the chip on the motherboard will tell the temp to the fan.

so the coulder it is the faster it runs !

Never use software to do that. (or it whas designed for youre motherboard)

my 2 cents to buy a better cooling solution . a newer download for bios or stay away from it.

artic silver compound can do alot. (if done carefully)

artic silver as the words tell you (clean op de durt - make a small layer of compound) and look what you have.

the fan you install does the work or you did choose a wrong one.

Never use software to do the cooling !!!

my 2 cents

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You could connect the CPU fan to a fan controller and control your fan manually with the fan controller.

But like what Eurobyn says, use a good thermic pasta like Artic Silver 5 and a good cPU fan like Zalman CNPS 9900 Max or Scythe Mugen 4.

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I managed to max out a fan that the board reads as "System Fan" with Gigabyte EasyTune 6. Its just that the readings for my CPU fans is always really low on RPM and the temps run high before I start SpeedFan. By the way, how do I amp up the CPU fan with that? All I see is Fan 1 - 5 and only Fan 2 is amped up.

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I have upgraded the BIOS from F2 to F4. I think its the one that caused the problem.

Extra info: SpeedFan reports 30-40 degrees but HWMonitor reports the one from the first post.

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try to use ainda 64 full version,trial version doesen't resolve,because the cpu temp is not showing,you could down in TPB ,the least version whit the chilly keygen,some users reported speed fan errors in showing temperatures,i think aida64 is the best try 2baksa a russian site too.

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your cpu temperature it's absolutely normal ,but if you like ,you could adapt fans like coolermaster excalibur or buy a silver paste like artic silver,some user reports until less 5 degrees of temperature after applying yhis kind of pasteand it was not so expensive ,but your machine it's very cool,you could adapt fans,by casemood or if you like you could buy coolermaster cases or thermaltake,coolermaster it´s not so expansive,if you pretend spends a lot of Money you could buy na aluminium case of coolermaster,somenones has until 8 coolers already installed.

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you can lower cpu temps by a) clean your pc and fans, b) re-seat your heatsink and apply adequate thermal paste or replace stock cpu cooler with an aftermarket heatsink/fan or sealed liquid cooler. My quad-core cpu temp is 33-35 degrees C @ 26-28 degrees C room temp with aftermarket heatsink/fan.

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