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Top Nuke Commanders Terminated


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A while back I made a post about a whistleblower who contacted Infowars Alex Jones regarding illegal nuclear weapons transfers out of Dyess Air Force base. My post was deleted after a while and I wondered why was such an important article just blinked away? It turns out, on that very same day, one General in the military was in trouble for leaking the information to Alex. Don't worry about the nuclear bomb which was not even supposed to be at that military base on record, it seems to be more important to terminate the General who had the direct control over the nuclear arms oversight.

The real issue here is that nukes WERE NOT supposed to be in that specific air force base and the whistle blower who appears to be one of these terminated Generals was trying to possibly even prevent some sort of nuclear false flag event.

This video breaks down the events of this main story plus more, on the infowars Nightly News:

Whistleblowers are meant to be protected because their main mission is to expose something that is bad and or harmful to people or things. We know we hate the NSA for spying on EVERYTHING we do so we try and morally support Edward Snowden. We know that innocents die in war, sometimes by people who were seemingly very happy to slaughter innocent individuals, and thats why whistle blowers like Bradley Manning are important and should be respected, he exposed corruption yet in prison he will rot for 30 + years...for the terrible crime of basically saying "hey man, that was wrong....hey everyone this is wrong!".

So when I see a whistle blower who appears to be a General getting fired to trying to prevent a nuclear catastrophe get in trouble for contacting Alex Jones, it makes me a little bit on edge if you know what I'm talking about. It gives my now defunct and deleted article a bit more consideration perhaps.

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Radio Host Michael Savage Calls For Answers Over Missing Nuke Report

Radio host Michael Savage joins in calling for answers over secret nuke transfer

Anthony Gucciardi
October 13, 2013


Top radio host Michael Savage has joined in calling for answers regarding the leaked secret transfer of nuclear weapons to South Carolina that was followed by both warnings of a nuclear strike by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and the termination of the top two US nuke commanders.

Originally reported by myself and Alex Jones back on September 3rd, a number of disturbing red flags have continued to give further evidence to the high level military intelligence source that initially exposed the transfer of the off-the-record nuclear warheads from Dyess Air Force base to South Carolina — and still, the irrelevant mega media has ultimately failed to even investigate. Once again, the real media continues to dominate along with investigative radio personalities in reporting on the news that matters.

As Savage points out, specifically speaking on my report last Friday concerning how the termination of a high level nuke commander coincided with the exact September 3rd date of the secret transfer, what we truly need is answers. And while we are already talking about an issue that is deeply concerning at a base level, what really give the secret transfer a disturbing amount of depth are the events that followed the leaked intel.

It was Senator Lindsey Graham who came out later on the same day in warning against a ‘nuclear attack’ in South Carolina if we did not take military action in Syria. Then we also consider the fact that two of the top nuke commanders in the United States were terminated for laughable reasons, and it becomes an even larger red flag scenario. What is most amazing to me, however, is the fact that the termination of the commanders was actually leaked to the Associated Press and others.

What this means is that United States government did not want us to know that the commanders were terminated — specifically that the second top commander was fired on the same day as the secret nuke transfer report.

When we look back at the ’2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons incident’, where nukes were reported missing from the Minot Air Force Base with no official suspect, the media went into turmoil and investigations were launched immediately. Even CNN covered the event in depth and continued to investigate what was going on. The CNN reporter even stated that “this kind of thing is not supposed to happen” in response to the event:

But where is the mainstream media now? Once again, it is up to us to get the word out and demand answers. My respect goes out to Michael Savage for demanding answers on such a pertinent and real issue.

This article originally appeared on Anthony Gucciardi’s Storyleak

Source: Infowars

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These were the officers in charge of "sensitive nuclear arsenals". They had to find a reason OTHER than leaking the news that illegal nukes were transferred out of Dyes Air Force Base of course, so they will either make up a story about them or they will blackmail them. Is anyone else here connecting these dots? On the SAME DAY that Alex was contacted by a "high ranking" military personnel regarding an illegal nuclear transfer out of Dyes Air Force base took place, one of these top Generals was fired. This General was in charge of nuclear transfers.

If this doesn't get you wondering "what the hell is happening here" I don't know what will.

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