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Mohamed atif
Hi all users, , today I'm going to be showing you a little find that I believe will help you with those pesky ShitCash surveys. By using this you can do text, call and picture messaging for free. Free for this year, next year – free any year, for all your messages all over the globe. It's better than SMS because you're finally free to communicate, well, freely. Just invite your friends and text and talk as much as you can handle.

Tap your friend's picture and call, text, send a pic or listen to their voicemail message right away. Personalize your contacts with Facebook pics.
  • Message anyone on the planet for free
  • Connect with millions of other of this service users on Android and iOS
  • Customized voicemail
  • Group addressing
  • Zillions of ringtones and text tones
  • Available in over 200 countries
Just visit this link given below, and create an account. It will give you a FREE phone number, and a FREE account. No credit card, no paypal info, no nothing. Sound too good to be true? It's not! Here take a look yourself:

Click here

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OK - my curiosity made me look.

I see no mention of a free phone number for the desktop at all.

Please clarify so folks do not have to check every link on that site - which product do you mean in your post, please ??:


Edit - careful examination seems to have revealed the secret - this is apple-only:

PINGERText & call free to any phone.Get a real phone number. Learn More

In other words - 100% useless to desktop PC users.

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