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Credit Card Details Harvested by Scammers Through Facebook Mobile Phishing Site


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Security experts have come across a fake Facebook website that’s designed to trick mobile users into handing over not only their login credentials, but also their financial information.

According to Trend Micro, the phishing Facebook site closely resembles the legitimate page, except for the fact that the login page is not protected by a secure connection.

After victims enter their Facebook username and password on the phishing site, they’re taken to a second page that instructs them to “update their security information” for the eventuality that they have problems with the account.

The so-called security process involves handing over security question information, and credit card details, including cardholder name, card number, card type, expiration code and security code.

All the information is then uploaded to a server controlled by the cybercriminals.

The easiest way to avoid falling victim to phishing scams is to check the URL of the website to make sure it’s legitimate. For instance, www.facebook.com is legitimate, but www.facebook.com.xyz.org is not.


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