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Secureboot isn't configured correctly" Watermark. Windows 8.1 pro wmc


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Hi ever one

I have this issue when I moved to windows 8.1 and I try all things to disable the watermark and still

when I install windows 8 in UEFI mode I don't have this issue

I try to enable secure boot and disable it the same the watermark still

I can't disable UEFI mode right now because my H.D.D in GPT partition

and it will fix until I repartition to MBR

but there any way to fix this issue in UEFI mode

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A reply on MDL today for this type of problem,

Convert GPT to MBR or convert MBR to GPT without data lose


  1. I also reply for you in MDl

    thanks man but all user that have the H.D.D size in 1T if you install windows 8 for the first time it will partition this H.D.D in GPT partition

    to solve this issue you have to convert from GPT to MBR by the APP you mention above

    but windows partition can't be to convert by the APP it must to be delete and clean install the windows because

    windows partition will create 4 partition in GPT mode

    1- recovery partition

    2- EFI partition

    3- Microsoft® Reserved Partition

    4-windows partition

    thanks again man nice app to solve this issue for now but for me no I will wait until the Intel or MS have released some updated to fix this issue

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