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Poll: Consumers significantly more likely to purchase PlayStation 4 than Xbox One


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A Reuters poll indicates a larger percentage of consumers are likely to purchase Sony's PlayStation 4 than Microsoft's Xbox One, with younger consumers even more likely to purchase the PS4.


Both Microsoft and Sony will release their upcoming consoles in November, marking a major battle for the next generation of gaming. A new poll indicates Sony may have an advantage in the marketplace, showing a significant preference for its PlayStation 4.

According to the Reuters poll, 26 percent of the 1,297 respondents surveyed online said they were likely to purchase the PS4, while only 15 percent said they were likely to purchase Microsoft's Xbox One. The gap widened among younger respondents, with 41 percent of the 408 people surveyed younger than 40 choosing the PS4 and 27 percent picking the Xbox One.

The accompanying Reuters article doesn't clarify the poll's methodology, such as if consumers were selected at random or had to opt in to respond.

If the poll truly represents the average consumer, it could indicate Microsoft has yet to make up for the controversy surrounding its upcoming console. Microsoft reversed many of its digital rights management policies for the Xbox One, including an Internet connection requirement and limitations on used game sales. Despite the reversal, some users were unhappy with the choice and began a petition to bring back some of the DRM policies, such as a family game sharing program.

Christopher Turner, one of the poll's respondents, indicated the reversal was a reason he's favoring the PS4, saying Microsoft "couldn't make up their mind and Sony hadn't wavered from the beginning." Turner also favored the PlayStation 4 based on its game selection, he said.

"The PlayStation 4 is for both hardcore and casual gamers," he added.

Another hurdle Microsoft may have to overcome among consumers is its price tag. The Xbox One costs $499 in the U.S., $100 more than the PS4; the margin is similar in other territories. Microsoft has touted the inclusion of a next-generation Kinect motion sensor as a major advantage for the Xbox One, however.

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As much as i want a PS4, i wish that all my favorite games will be available on PC.

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