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So what do you think of this laptop:

Aspire V3-571G

- Intel Core i7 - 3632QM 2.2GHZ With Turbo Boost Up To 3.2GHz

- NVIDIA GeForce 710M With 2GB Dedicated VRAM

- 15.6" HD LED LCD

- 6GB DDR3 Memory

- 750GB HDD

- DVD-Super Multi DL Drive

- Acer Nplify 802.11a/g/n + BT 4.0

- 6-Cell Li-ion Battery

And what operating system would you recommend ?

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The first part is my general opinion on laptops, so its not particular to you hitminion or this laptop, but at the end i address Acer....

Normally id advise laptop brands in this order: Toshiba, HP, and then everything else

Myself if i see a very or ultra thin laptop with a dedicated video card in it i avoid then...ask anyone who's ever owned a "performance" laptop if its still going 2 years after they bought it (Dell used to be famous for their XPS/alienware laptops, Toshiba for their Qosmio, and HP for their older DVx series laptops all dying from overheating and video cards de-laminating components) and you'd be shocked at how many say "No"

Dunno why people buy "performance" laptops, sure if youre a tool that wants to game on the run, but otherwise why buy an overly expensive laptop just to browse/check email. anyone who thinks theyre goinjg to game/video edit on a laptop is kidding themselves and up for dissapointment.

Buy the cheapest reliable brand laptop for the main task, then do everything else on a desktop like a sane person.

Do not ever mention tablets to me.....dont go there, theyre just for wankers to try and look trendy on the bus/train every day...frickin poser tools.

If you do decide to get the Acer, and have the option of an extended warranty on that, i would get it, Acer have a reputation ...seen way too many die, usually at like the 14th month mark (just out of warranty! typically :) ) over the years.

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I recommend you to avoid that. Here's why:

  1. Since most laptops with the 4th generation of Intel Core is coming near end of this year, it's very recommended to hold until the market is filled with those kind of laptops.
  2. Laptops mean to be mobile, the quad-core i7 will certainly drain a lots of power. Try looking for ULV type processor. They're powerfull enough, but yet consume very little power either off-load and on-load.
  3. The GeForce 710M will perform just slightly above Intel HD 4000, which means you gain very little advantages of it. Try looking for something with or above the GeForce 730M.

The other's specification (RAM, screen size, etc) depends on your taste ;) The alternative laptop that I would recommend you to buy (if you can find it): Asus A46CB. It has Ivy Bridge ULV processor with GeForce 740M inside.

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