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Fix for 64bit Explorer Context Menu in XYplorer


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Getting the 64bit context menu in XYplorer
[The following is written with people new to XYplorer in mind]

The shell extension (Explorer right-click context menu item) of your 64bit apps doesn't show up in XYplorer's context menu.

1. Download Cautomaton: http://whitehat.dcmembers.com/media/cautomaton/files/20120223%20Cautomaton%20(0.9.0).7z

Cautomaton http://whitehat.dcmembers.com/pages/sof ... omaton.php

Cautomaton is a small (270KB) portable app that pops up the shell context menu when launched. You can then click the menu item you want and the action will be carried out on the item(s) selected in XYplorer's list view.

cautomaton64.exe pops up the shell 64bit menu
cautomaton32.exe pops up the shell 32bit menu

2. Unzip it to wherever you keep your portable apps.
In this example the location used is:

Using Cautomaton with XYplorer's Portable Open with... Menu (POM).
The POM is used to assign what apps are launched when particular items are double-clicked and also what alternative apps appear when you click XY's "Open with..." context menu item (i.e. the first one near the top). But you can also add simple or complex scripts to the POM so it is perhaps better to think of it as XY's alternative customizable context menu.

3. Navigate to the folder where you placed cautomaton64.exe
4. Create a shortcut to cautomaton64.exe in the same folder
[select cautomaton64.exe > right-click it > click "Create shortcut"]
5. Rename cautomaton64.exe.lnk to cautomaton64.lnk (for the pupose of this example)
6. Open the shortcut's Properties dialog box
[select cautomaton64.lnk > right-click it > click "Properties"]
7. Click the "Run" button and choose "Minimized"
8. Click the "OK" button
9. With cautomaton64.lnk still selected, click XYplorer menu items File > To Clipboard > Item Path/Names
[This copies the file's name and path to the clipboard]
10. In XYplorer click Tools > List Management > Portable File Associations
[This opens a dialogue box where you can add and edit items in the POM.]
11. Select a location at or near the bottom of the list (best place for scripts)
12. Click the "New" button (top right)
13. Paste the the path to cautomaton64.lnk into the text box (of the new POM item)

14. Edit the item to look like this (but with your path to cautomaton64.lnk).

|"64bit Context Menu"*;\>"C:\App\Auto\Cautomaton\cautomaton64.lnk" /p:@


Make sure that options
Tools > Configuration > Menus, Mouse, Safety > Custom items in shell context menu
Tools > Configuration > Menus, Mouse, Safety > File List...(button) > Open with...
are checked.
Beyond that, ask in this thread:


Source: FeatureCreep@XYplorer Beta Club

This worked for me until a 64bit version of XYplorer is released. g/l and have fun

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