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Avira Notifier Ads will be gone on 01 Oct 2013


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That's good news indeed for AV fanboy ;)

Do you remember this ?

Yes, the so called “Notifier” which for the Free Antivirus users pops up once a day (if you didn’t install the Avira Search Free Toolbar) to sell you something.


I bet you do, and I bet you didn’t like it!

We also never liked it. We used it because we wanted to finance the Free Antivirus so that we continue to be able to offer free good quality security to the millions of users that are counting on it. But, soon we realized that despite the fact that it paid for a small percentage of the costs, it pushed away exactly the users for which we were striving to make the updates more frequent.

Starting with October 1st, you will never see it again.

Until then, just as a reminder, you will see this:



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Too little way too late, so many people abandoned them from all the nags years ago, and because so many went to AVG or Avast thats also means their free AV has far less user data/feedback with which to make any improvements, which means its development and effectiveness i would call questionable...

So, about 5 years too late Avira.....

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