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Google Kenya and Google Burundi “Hacked” by Pakistani Group


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Over the weekend, hackers of the Pakistani MaDLeeTs group have defaced Google Burundi and Google Kenya. The impacted domains are google.bi, google.com.bi, google.co.bi, images.google.bi, translate.google.bi and google.co.ke.

The most likely scenario is that the hackers defaced the websites via DNS poisoning, a method often used to make it appear as if Google was hacked.

MaDLeeTs representatives have told me that they’re also responsible for “hacking” Google Serbia, and severalhigh-profile websites from Israel by using the same method.

At the time of writing, the DNS records for the impacted Google Burundi and Google Kenya domains have been restored and the websites are working properly.

It’s worth noting that Google Kenya appears to be an easy target for hackers. A Bangladeshi hacker called TiGET-M@TE defaced it only a few months ago.


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