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Translate.com Hacked and Defaced by Xploiters Crew


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Pakistani hackers of the Xploiters Crew have breached and defaced Translate.com, a fairly popular free online tool that provides translations between 75 languages.

The attackers have added their defacement page to translate.com/x.html, The Hackers Post reports.

“You Have Listen about Us on News ,headlines , Online Media. You Got stampted by Team Xploiters. Translate.Com Owned (sic),” the hackers wrote.

At the time of writing, the website’s administrators appear to have removed the defacement page. However, a mirror of the defacement can be found on the hackers’ zone-h.org account.

I’ve reached out to Translate.com in hopes that they can provide more details. This post will be updated when they respond to my inquiry.

It’s worth noting that Translate.com is preparing to launch a new website. Hopefully, the new design will be more secure than this one.


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