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Earthquake & disaster display s/w ?


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I am always interested in planetary stuff and especially when it is big stuff with the climate or earth changes.

There's plenty of weather s/w and I looked around for s/w to display and/or alert for current earthquakes & disasters, and only found a couple, the best of which seems to be one called EarthquakeView that only does quakes.

What would be really cool is if there could be an app that has a tray icon to tell of all sorts of things around the planet like RSOE EDIS does=> only without having to use a browser to get it...

( http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php )

Does anyone know of anything good to do this with ???


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Looks cool, but...:

Have you tried Earthbrowser?

I wonder if it has meds...(the 19.95 doesn't work for me) ??

This app also looks very cool:

There is another web site which has an app, it is called Earth Alerts. You can download it here:


And sadly requires dot net 3.5 which I will not install.

Great ideas, and both just a bit out of my reach.

Are there any others which have lower requirements perhaps ??

That site=> http://earthalerts.manyjourneys.com/web/

Works really well - I may use it instead of RSOE from now on !!



Is there no hope for such a thing for this old XP user ?!?

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