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More Spam Arrives in the Store as Windows 8.1 HD Player Is Listed for Download


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As I’ve reported to you so many times before, some of the apps published in the Windows Store are nothing else than spam entries supposed to steal people’s money and capitalize on the lack of well-known software solution.

A new tool that got the green light for the Store today is called Windows 8.1 HD Player, and even though it might sound like a great deal for those who already installed Microsoft’s latest OS update, it’s not.

The app comes with a price of $9.99 (€7.50) and doesn’t even offer a trial version, thus forcing users to buy a full license even if they only want to try out the program.

What’s more, the two screenshots published in the Store reveal nothing about it, while the description shown to users is full of typos and spelling mistakes.

You can see the new listing for yourself in the Store and, as always, make sure you double-check every app you wish to buy.


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What the heck is it even supposed to do? Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it just supposed to play HD videos? The last time I checked VLC, PotPlayer, Foobar, WinAMP all do that for free!!! :o

And if anybody ever had any doubts, the atrocious language on the app store page is a dead giveaway that this is absolute spam :lol:

BTW, just realized it's from an Indian dude. I was kinda' hoping it was a Chinese guy :P

Moral of the story - Never underestimate the spamming powers of us Indians :lmao:

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Sounds like people like to troll the Windows Store App a lot in Windows 8 and 8.1.... people need something better to do....

Isn't it still possible to use a crack for the Appstore? M$ doesn't care which sh#t will be listed there, they don't care if people get scammed, so people shouldn't care if they get money out of it or maybe not. It should be legal to scam scammers, everywhere! If they don't wanna maintain Appstore, or they aren't able to do it correctly, they should drop that frikken feature or Microsoft should always be held responsible and they should pay compensations to everyone who received some crap there or fakes or whatever, it's their area, i wouldn't wonder if they really get into trouble, Europe doesn't care about M$ in America, they will sue them, if needed and that will be very expensive for them at the end if there are too many violations and companies that are pi$$ed off.

Don't download it, it's just a demonstration and i will not be responsible if you get infected with some nasty virus!

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