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[request] Phonetray pro


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How PhoneTray Pro works:

PhoneTray software runs on your computer and monitors your phone line. When an unwanted call comes in, PhoneTray blocks the call and plays a message to the caller. You can select "number disconnected" message and the caller will think that your number has been disconnected and will stop bothering you. It works with robocalls and human callers as well!

Spam filter for your phone line
  • Zap telemarketers and block unwanted calls
  • Stop annoying robocalls
  • Reject anonymous and out-of-area calls
  • Automatically block thousands of phone spammers
Caller ID on Your Screen

PhoneTray identifies callers before you answer the phone. When a call comes in, PhoneTray rings and shows an alert with the caller's name and number. PhoneTray allows you to assign custom names to your frequent callers. The assigned name will be displayed and announced instead of regular Caller ID.

Voice Caller ID

PhoneTray announces incoming calls using computer speech so you can hear who is calling without looking at your computer screen. You can select to announce caller's name, number or both.

Full Screen Caller ID

PhoneTray can display full screen call alert showing incoming call information using large font so you can see it from a distance.

Complete Call History

PhoneTray logs all your incoming calls and all calls that you dialed using PhoneTray. It keeps the date, time, name and phone number of each call. You can also add notes to your calls. PhoneTray can show complete call history or only calls received today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month or last month.

Search Your Calls

You can search your call history by number, name or note. All calls matching your search criteria are shown and the search term is highlighted. You can also sort your calls by name, number, date/time or line.

Was wondering if there are any current MEDS for it or could there be in the near future. I appreciate any help.


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