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Microsoft: Some Xbox One Games Won’t Be Running At Native 1080p


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The Xbox 360 and PS3 introduced the world to high definition gaming, but rarely did any of the game actually display in full 1080p. In fact, some games were built in sub-HD resolutions, and then upscaled to 720p. We assumed that would be a thing of the past with the next-generation of consoles, but thats not the case.

Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios at Microsoft, recently tweeted out that Forza 5 would be running in native 1080p and that Cryteks Ryse would be in native 900p. The news is somewhat of a shock considering many assumed that Microsoft would be targeting native 1080p resolutions in all first-party Xbox One games.

So, is this is a problem? Not at all. Greenberg goes on to note that the Xbox One upscales everything to 1080p. Sure, its not native, but it sure beats what we were getting in the last generation of consoles. Considering how far away we sit from the TV when playing console games, there should be no discernible degradation in quality.

Case in point check out this recently released gameplay trailer for Ryse. The game looks absolutely stunning in a YouTube video, and you can bet that it will look even better when running on your HDTV set:

The point being made here is that the next-generation of consoles are going to deliver some pretty games. You shouldnt get hung up on resolutions, especially when one of the prettiest games on the Xbox One has only had its resolution reduced by a bit. That reduction will hopefully ensure that Ryse plays smoothly, and thats always the most important factor.


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