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'State of Decay' nears PC debut as 'GTA V' looms


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The second fastest-selling download in the Xbox 360's history, open world zombie survival title "State of Decay" will be on PC in just "a few weeks."
"State of Decay" cleared 250,000 sales within its first 48 hours, following a June 5 release on Xbox Live, placing it second only to
"Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition."

With "Grand Theft Auto V" about to make a huge cannonball splash on consoles while PC users wait it out for news of a native version, the timing of Seattle-based Undead Labs is excellent.

"Just a note" read the studio's Twitter account on September 9. "[Xbox 360] Sandbox [mode] in testing. Controller-only PC version, ditto. I'll have dates for you when testing is further along," asking its fan horde to keep its fervor feverish but in check.

The PC's early access version, to be distributed via Steam, was on display at the Penny Arcade Expo the weekend before, at which point an estimate release of "within the next few weeks" was supplied for a gamepad build, full keyboard support being promised before the year's end.

Dropped into a zombie apocalypse and charged with leading a growing group of survivors, "State of Decay" provides players with a sandbox in which to test themselves against the game's parameters.

It quickly gained a reputation for providing plenty of memorable moments, not just through well-paced missions, but skin-of-the-teeth escapes, daredevil raids, near-suicidal supply runs, and unpredictable episodes of hilarious chaos -- the sort of hijinks that the "Grand Theft Auto IV" online mode fostered well, and one of the reasons "GTA V" equivalent "Grand Theft Auto Online" is so well anticipated in advance of an October 1 deployment.

And PC early access targeted for "within the next few weeks" looks very much like "State of Decay" is in position to capitalize on rising levels of hype surrounding September 17 console debut "Grand Theft Auto V."


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