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WinRT 8.1 link?


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Thanks "bro" but maybe you aren't aware what Windows RT is? At least I don't see anything having to do with Windows RT in the link you posted (nor in the forum search) - maybe I'm just being dumb and I missed it (wouldn't be the first time!)?

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Unlike the "normal" x86/x64 Windows, Windows RT isn't freely distributed, you won't find it even on scene releases. If you're looking for a Windows for ARM processor, try search for Windows Embedded or Embedded Compact, if they're still exist though. Good luck.

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Windows RT isn't marketed solely. It's in the hand of OEMs and you cannot run it on an Android Tablet or a PC.The only way to get it is to get WinRT devices.

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Has WZOR leaked RT yet? Haven't seen a link.

and maybe tomorrow







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Thanks Tezza, figured it was coming. Hoping to load it on my Surface RT before leaving the country Tuesday.

Latest on RT


"to All

sorry, maybe WinRT leak Thursday or Friday

for a number of reasons WinRT 8.1 RTM can not be placed right now, but this event will certainly take place in the coming days.

The fact is that the distributions are intended only for the companies producing the appropriate devices, end users, the system is not for sale and is not intended for self-installation, distribution is exclusively for OEM distribution channels!

At this time, we try to make sure that everyone was able to install WinRT 8.1 RTM without any problems for your device. Other reasons, we do not hold this release."

Edit update

Windows RT 8.1 leak has been scheduled!

once again we will provide Windows RT 8.1, manual, and Surface_ONLY drivers from Windows RT 8.0!

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Installed just fine, unfortunately can't activate. I didn't realize you have to extract your key ahead of time. Don't much feel like restoring RT8 just to get the key and then reinstall RT8.1 so I guess I'll jus run unactivated for a few weeks until I get back home.

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