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(HELP) fastest chrome?


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FIRSTLY i would lik to THANK NOVEMBER_RA1N for helping me install W 8.1after 4 hrs of my struggle.

now am here to solve one issue regarding CHROME.

in w7 I used FASTESTCHROME extension for chrome but now wen am trying to find out on store it was not there on chrome store.

is this incomatible w8?

i downloaded from other site n tried to install this extension it had shown me a WARNING not safe to keep on chrome

wat happened to that extension jus within a day?

any other alternatives for that extension?


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This is the link I could find but never tried to download it.

The link is posted by one of the commenter below.

From cnet comments, it is said it has ads intrusive and gives a lot of popups that happened to post competitors page,

I guess that would be the reason of the removal from google store.


Damn, the file no longer exists in the link I posted.

CNET's link is dead too.

Sorry, I'm not much of help here.

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hi frens..thats it.atleast suggest me any GOOD ALTERNATIVE for FASTESTCHROME extension.

k let me tel u my main requirement

open this link given below.


in that page under the banner "This app has no advertisements"

a CODE was given i mean a link to google playstore.actual its in normal text format.

this FASTESTCHROME extension use to highlight that link n wen i CLICK it ,it works n i use to go directly to that playstore webpage.

but now as theres no fastestchrome extension i have to copy n paste everytime with THESE TYPE OF CODES

so frens this s my main requirement.i want u suggest me atleast AN EXTENSION which could highlight link so that wen i click it the webpage shud be opened .i wanna avoid copy n paste go fx..

now pls give me suggestions thanks in advance

EDIT -- AFTER HALF AN HOUR found this myself on googling


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