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Connectify Dispatch Beta


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Connectify Dispatch Beta


Connectify Dispatch is an innovative PC software that lets you connect to all existing Internet connection at the same time and held together their speed. With this software you have your own network with high speed and reliability.

NEW BETA: Connectify 7

  • New Dispatch Dashboard:

The Connectify Dispatch user interface has been completely overhauled and improved. The network adapters are now shown in a responsive table which can be sorted based on any adapter statistics. The window is easily resized to either much larger, or much smaller sizes while still remaining useful. Everything looks better, and is more consistent with the interface that we rolled out for Hotspot in Connectify 6.

  • New Driver:

The Connectify driver has been upgraded to fix the problem that caused certain network adapters to lose Internet connectivity when using Connectify. This may mean that you need to reboot during install.

  • Fixes to Service Start:

Based on working with users at community.connectify.me we tracked down and fixed some issues where the Connectify Service would not be able to start on certain computers.

  • Added ‘Pause Mode’ Setting to Menu:

In Hotspot’s Settings > Advanced menu, there is a new ‘Pause on No Internet’ setting, which is checked by default. By default, Connectify “pauses” and stops your hotspot if there are no clients and no Internet connections (this is how Connectify has behaved for years, by the way). This is usually a good thing, it stops you from accidently joining hotspots that can’t get on the Internet. However, if you want your hotspot to stay running all the time, even if there’s no Internet, then you can uncheck this setting in the menu.

  • Dispatch better recognizes applications:

In Dispatch’s application settings, we fixed a problem where Dispatch would not properly recognize and remember settings for 32-bit applications running on a 64-bit Windows system.

  • Dispatch support for SFTP and FTP:

Dispatch now recognizes that it must group together FTP and SFTP connections to the same host onto the same Internet connection.

  • Resolve Activation issues:

We fixed issues that some users were experiencing signing in for the first time, and activating the software.

  • Removed Unused Features:

We have either hidden or removed some features that are very rarely used. We think that you won’t miss them, so we’re not going to go into details here. But, if something you love is missing from Connectify, post a question about it at community.connectify.me

Home page: http://www.connectify.me/

Version: Free

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