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Bypass advertisement links: adf.ly ,linkbucks adfoc.us, bc.vc, ref.so and many others!

Dead URL is an online tool used for skipping or bypassing these shortened annoying links on the web.

You just need to navigate to this website and paste the Adf.ly , Adfoc.us, LinkBucks or others link and press Deadfly! boom you will be taken to the original source website.

With respect of others tool, You can use this one with all browsers, and all devices: PC, MAC, MOBILE, TABLET, and so on. Always update and no need to install anything.

How To Use De-Ad URL bypass adf.ly and others.

Step 1: Navigate to www.dead.altervista.org and paste Adf.ly, Linkbucks, Afoc.us or others links. Multiple links are allowed (one for each line)


Step 2: Paste one or more links in the form


Step 3: Press Deadfly! Button and get original link. Easy isn't it?



Alternate Method for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Using AdsFight! & Ads Skipper Userscript :

Adf.ly, Adfoc.us and others are popular URL shortening services. If you use adf.ly to shrink your links you can earn 5$ per 10.000 page views. But internet users hate this because we have to wait some time to load our target page and also we have to click on skip ad button.. The major disadvantage is we don't know what is the target page. because target link is forbidden in Adf.ly link. you can easily skip this Adf.ly links using this method. In this post let's see How we can Skip and auto redirect Adf.ly links with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser.

Well if you use Chrome or Firefox then the best way to skip or bypass these links is to install a simple userscript called "AdsFight!" OR Ads Skipper, it is a simple one time install bypasser which automatically skips links as soon as you click on them.

Installing AdsFight!: If you use Chrome OR Firefox for browsing activities then first you have to install the Tampermonkey Extension On Chrome & Greasemonkey Addon on Firefox and then install the same AdsFight! Userscript.

Installing Ads Skipper:

▪ Firefox

▪ Chrome/Chromium

▪ Safari

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Sorry but am I missing something here? All you need is adblock installed into browser then you dont see ad anyway and only wait 4 seconds till you get link. I dont really see the point in messing around copying/pasting links when the normal way is just much quicker?

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