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Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 to OEMs

Mr Orus

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Ten months after Microsoft launched the polarizing Windows 8, comes the news that the software giant has now reached RTM on Windows 8.1, and started to roll out the OS refresh to its hardware partners.

I’m using Windows 8.1 as my primary operating system, and frankly can’t wait to install the finished OS, but will have to wait a while yet -- that’s not set to be made available to consumers until October 18. I was never a fan of Windows 8, but 8.1 is a huge improvement.

In a new blog post, Antoine Leblond, Corporate Vice President, Windows Program Management, says:

Are you excited by the news that Windows 8.1 continues to edge closer to release, or are you hoping Steve Ballmer leaving will result in a change of direction for Windows 9?

Windows 8.1 is a significant update. We have delivered in a very short time an update to the OS that will bring an even greater unified experience for our customers. As we consider the code we just handed off, and the new intuitive and fluid computing experience it provides -- anytime, anywhere, across all devices -- we’re confident we made the right bet in continuing our vision and following through on our commitment to rapid innovation and responsive engineering.

In the past, the release to manufacturing (RTM) milestone traditionally meant that the software was ready for broader customer use. However, it’s clear that times have changed, with shifts to greater mobility and touch as well as the blurring of work and personal lives. As such, we’ve had to evolve the way we develop and the time in which we deliver to meet customers with the experience they need, want and expect. We’ve had to work closer to our hardware partners than ever before. Reaching this milestone is about optimizing the overall experience for our customers. Our hardware partners are in a position to prepare the wide array of innovative devices our customers can expect later this fall -- just in time for the holidays. Over the next several months we’ll see beautiful, powerful devices, from the smallest tablets to the most lightweight notebooks to versatile 2-in-1s, as well as industry devices designed for business.

While our partners are preparing these exciting new devices we will continue to work closely with them as we put the finishing touches on Windows 8.1 to ensure a quality experience at general availability on October 18th. This is the date when Windows 8.1 will be broadly available for commercial customers with or without volume licensing agreements, our broad partner ecosystem, subscribers to MSDN and TechNet, as well as consumers.

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Bullshit, our clients need the start menu if isn't in this update most will reduce their cost by 25% cause a key that cause 170$ + hardware cost 340$ for example it will be a great benefit if we remove 170$ means use free OS can reduce clients headache !

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Translation of original article by Hotbird64(MDL) :lol:

In July Tami Reller (vice president for tiles and full screen apps which are great for demos and presentations but not for serious work) told our former hardware partners (now competitors due to the Surface) that they will get Windows 8.1/2012 R2 RTM before end of August.

Unfortunately Tami has no idea of software development lifecycles or anything else related to engineering at all because she is a marketing manager now in charge for development. Our stuff is simply not ready yet and won't be before October 18th, maybe later.

So we decided that we take what we have today and send it out to our hardware competitors. The stuff is much too flaky that it could be made available to the general public. We hope our hardware competitors will manage to install that stuff to their devices somehow so that they connect to the internet and download some patches (~ 3 GB) which are virtually a completely new build (except some bitmaps).

We decided to blog some bullshit like "final validation phases prior to distributing the release". However the truth is that we already peeing ourselves, because we're afraid that there won't be any devices or retail packages in stores before Christmas. Due to this (and some other minor mismanagement stuff) our beloved CEO already announced his retirement.

We're sure you'll find some leaked ISO of what we shipped today in the next couple of days. But be warned. Do not install them. It's unstable and flaky. The name Windows Blue is derived from blue screen.

P.S.: If you know a good CEO, please call 1-800-SAVE-MSF

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@tezza: looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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