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Smartpixel Camera 6-months VIP member for PC (Expired)


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SmartPixel™ Camera

  • 01.png Record Screen/Game

    Seamless integration of screenshot recording and D3D recording mode. Compatible with all games!

  • 02.png Record Webcam

    You can be a star! SmartPixel Camera’s vocal removing, easy lyrics input, let you create your own MV with your webcam instantly!

  • 03.png Pic-in-Pic Recording

    Need to record a tournament coverage? Just turn on Pic-in-Pic to record both game screen and every single move the players made!

  • 04.png Capture Screenshot

    Capture screenshot or webcam image automatically or manually, makes your webcam a digital camera!

  • 05.png Extreme Performance

    New patented technology brings you extreme recording performance but cost less CPU consumption and lower disk usage.

  • 06.png Ultra-HD Recording

    SmartPixel can record video up to 720p resolution. Gives you the best recording experience.

SmartPixel™ Producer
  • 07.png Quick cutting and Editing

    Easy video cutting and editing. You can be a movie producer in just one second!

  • 09.png Special Effect and Subtitles

    Professional video effects, filters, scenes, text effects. Easily makes your video distinctive.

  • 08.png Variable Speed Playback

    Need fast and slow playback in your video? Just insert variable speed playback sections like a true master!

  • 13.png Dubbing

    Add voice-over for your game video. Or make a movie clip and do narration for yourself! Just so easy!

  • 10.png Background Music Arranging

    Arrange background music and make your video more exciting and lively.

  • 11.png Scribble Painting

    Scribble using varies of brushes, sprays, markers. Enjoy every exciting moment!

After pressing the "Continue" button below, we will direct you to the page where you can get your free license. There you need to press the "Check out with PayPal" button and use your Smartpixel.com account to login. If you do not have a Smartpixel.com account then you need to create the account and then login.

Giveaway Link: http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/smartpixel-camera-6-month-vip-member

Giveaway Direct Link :http://www.smartpixel.com/pay?MTZ8MnwxfDY$

Official Site:http://www.smartpixel.com/

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