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Compress PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets without changing the file formats.

FILEminimizer Office (the new PPTminimizer) compresses PowerPoint, Word and Excel files and reduces the file size by up to 98% using an intelligent office file compression software technique which compresses pictures and embedded objects while still preserving the original file format and quality. The optimized office files are then much smaller, safer and ideal for sharing and sending via email. Recipients don't need the software to edit or view the optimized files. Mailboxes, servers and networks are relieved and loading time is accelerated.

FILEminimizer Office Highlights

  • Office compression for PowerPoint, Word and Excel by up to 98% - a 50MB document is compressed to 1MB in size
  • Compresses PowerPoint 2010, Word 2010, Excel 2010 files - full optimization of PPTX, DOCX, XLSX files
  • Compresses "old" PowerPoint 97 to 2003, Word 97 to 2003, Excel 97 to 2003 files - full optimization of PPT, DOC, XLS files
  • Compresses embedded pictures and objects and reduces the size of Office files
  • Keeps the original file format - simply edit, view and change it without the need to unzip
  • Compresses StarOffice and OpenOffice files provided they are saved in a Microsoft format
  • Compact edition runs directly from CD or USB flash drive - no installation required
  • Integrated search function finds all optimizable files on the PC
  • "Drag & Drop" files directly into FILEminimizer to optimize several files at once (batch processing)
  • Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Windows Explorer
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7
  • Developer Version (SDK) available (majority of programming languages are supported: C#, C++, Delphi, Visual BASIC, VB.net, etc)


Giveaway Link: http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/fileminimizer-office-70

Official site link: http://www.balesio.com/fileminimizer/eng/index.php


+ An old giveaway that is still active :

FILEminimizer Suite 7.0

Giveaway link :


boxshot-fm-100x150.jpgFILEminimizer OfficeTry Now boxshot-fm-suite-recommended-100x150.jpgFILEminimizer Suite Try Now Compression and

Funtionality PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX) Yes Yes

Word (DOC, DOCX) Yes Yes

Excel (XLS, XLSX) Yes Yes

Add-ins for PowerPoint, Word and Excel Yes Yes

Zipped PowerPoint, Word and Excel files No Yes

"Born-digital" PDF files No Yes PDF scans No Yes

Print-ready PDF files No Yes

JPEG No Yes PNG No Yes

BMP No Yes


GIF No Yes

EMF No Yes

Microsoft Outlook integration Yes Yes

Lotus Notes integration Yes Yes

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