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HELP w/ converting video


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I'm trying to burn some DVD's and I'm having major issues with audio delay on another post nsane wrote

is it a divx/xvid movie with mp3 audio? if so, that's why, cause not all programs are fully compatible with ALL of the divx features (such as mp3 audio). so you'll need to open it in VirtualDubMod, go to the stream list, demux the mp3 stream, disable it, and do a direct stream copy for the video (so you should have basicly split the aduio and video into 2 files). now convert the mp3 to WAV with besweet w/ belight (use a pregain), open the new audio stripped video in regular virtualdub, go to audio > wav audio, and select the WAV you made with besweet. now make sure both audio and video are set to direct stream copy, and save your new avi...which should be fixed of any syncing problems (i have to do the samething for dvd2svcd)

any ways, i'd recomend using the SVCD (MPEG-2) format, because they usually return ALOT better quality compared to a regular VCD (MPEG-1). scene groups usually only use VCD for VHSRips and CAMs

oh, and thanx for reminding me i was writing a DVD/SVCD guide...kinda been on the back burner for a few months now 

I've tried to do this but I dont get how to demux the mp3 stream. I'm using virtualdub 1.6.11 and I cant find the stream list anywhere. I can save the audio as a wav but when I recombine the stripped video and the wav I still get an auido delay. This is really pissing me off. Like, I'm ready to throw this damn computer out the window and light the remains on fire pissed off. I downloaded besweet w/belight but dont really have areason to use it since I cant figure out how to get the mp3 straight from the avi. HELP!

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Just some other info:

Video: 320 x 240 30.014 fps

3ivx D4 4.5.1 Pro Video Codec

21:57.99 minutes

330 kbps

Audio: fraunhofer 11S Mpeg Layer 3 Codec

21:57.99 Minutes

96 kbps


The Programs I have to use are:

Virtualdub 1.6.11

Ultra Video Converter

Nero Vision

Nero Recode


and I can download anything else that would help.

BTW The file plays just fine, no audio delay, before I try to convert it to burn

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I hate buying programs that dont work:

winavi was the largest file took the longest and still has the godd***ed audio delay

so thats a no go on WinAvi

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