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guys I have another computer..

specs :

intel dual core

foxconn motherboard

no video card

4gb of RAM DDR3


which windows os have the best FPS (framerate) ??? specially on ASSAULT FIRE

Windows XP 32bit or Windows 64bit??

As far as i know winxp had more FPs than win7 but when i tried windows 7 x64 using 4GB or ram

i notice that it both the same fps and slightly more smoother using windows7 over winxp (not sure)

you guys'' make some research including gaming benchmark result windows xp or windows 7 x64


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Just a thought...

Remember... The death of WinXP is announced so it means no drivers, no updates and so on. If you don't worry that.

Best regards...

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if you use 32-bit your 4gb will only read 3.25gb

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Isn't it Beta?

I don't think any benchmark would help you here because you need them with your own configuration, hardware, software (like drivers), same running processes etc. Because all that can affect the performance more or less.


I think those requirements will automatically be a little bit lower, when you use a older OS.

And for the online gaming at all, the .ph website took very long for me to load up, if there are server that are far away from you, you might have such a big latency that the game might be unplayable for you, even when your performance ingame would be fine.

Is it restricted for regions?

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