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Download free xbox games with gold via pc?


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Hi all

Microsoft are giving away free games for xbox gold members until the release of the xbox one..

I would like to know.. is it at all possible to download these games (current one is Crackdown) via a pc and then transfer them to the xbox?

The reason I'd like to do this is because downloading from the xbox takes some time (with my 2Mbit connection) and if I could use IDM I could download at about 200kB/s rather than average on about 80kB/s. My brother has a gold account so I'm not looking to do anything illegal here. I assume it's not possible, but thought I'd find out anyways.

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I'm pretty sure it's not possible.

On pc, if you go to the microsoft xbox website, login with your xbox live account, and go to game on demand...

you can initiate the download...to start when the console turn on, nothing more.


If your brother live in a separate house (don't know your age), and if he have a better connection than you.

you can login with your account on his 360, download the game, and transfert it to a usb stick.

But then, to play on your 360, you would need to be online, because the drm.

when i download game from xbox live, from a slow connection (5 Mbps), usually, that use all the bandwitch...

and i download usually at more than 500 Kb/s (unless i'm connected to a slow server).

unless you're unlucky, and the xbox server is very slow, it should use all your connection too. (about 200 Kb/s)...

unless something limit it, like your router...

Crackdown is 6.2 gigs, so, downloading it should take about 9 hours (at 200).

So, the easy way is...to do it at night.

Even if the download stop, like when you play, it will resume later.

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I thought as much. His xbox is with me as he is working on the ships and hasn't yet settled anywhere.

Downloaded Assassin's Creed 2 and it averaged at about 80 Kb/s or so (fluctuating between 50 Kb/s and 130 Kb/s). But when I download torrents and from the web with IDM I get 150 Kb/s to 220 Kb/s. If only it would download more than one section at a time (i.e. make more than one connection), then it would be great.

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