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Query about Universal Extractor updates...?


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I use Universal Extractor pretty much every day.

It's the best way to open almost any setup file to make apps portable or stand-alone.

It opens things better than any other app I have used.

Gora has made many updates to it, but AFAIK there are things that didn't get updated and besides, I won't use his because it freaks out AV programs reliably.

For a while here R3CON was updating UE and his version was much better than Gora's (IMO), had more functions updated, and never, ever set off an AV program on my system.

Trouble is, R3CON seems to have quit updating UE because his post about it has gone quiet ( http://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/158973-universal-extractor-161-updated-mar-2013-x86-x64-builds/ ) and I even tried asking him via PM about it and got no reply.

My question is...:

Does anyone know if there are other folks who keep UE updated, and where their work might be found ??


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R3CON posted here http://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/158973-universal-extractor-161-updated-mar-2013-x86-x64-builds/page-2?do=findComment&comment=550560 what are his intentions

I need it also regular and I update it as soon it's needed and post it here. This is if for example as soon new Versions of inno setup coming out or other compression/installer software and UniExtract can not more extract it, then I will update it, but not like Goa, doing the latest (un-)extracting/compression tools inside if there is nothing changed in the algo and the updates are for the main program mostly for the gui part where uniextract makes no use of it.

So why worry?

He is probably on vacation now :rolleyes:

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I am not worried, thanks - just seeking a valid alternative source.

Given that R3CON has been posting here pretty regularly since I posted my query AND sent him a PM, it seems unlikely that he is just offline ATM.

Also, I suspect that it is fair to think that the harsh words between himself and Gora when he last shared his updated version created a problem and likely put him off sharing his work here, which is a sad shame IMO.

I greatly admire R3CON's work because he did more with UE and made it do more stuff than it did before - and so I am hoping that maybe he shares his work elsewhere (away from Gora's view) - or that someone else does equally good work and shares it elsewhere.

So far I haven't found either of those things though and I am hoping someone else has...?



The most recent update here is entitled=> Universal Extractor beta By Gora

The last update shared by R3CON is entitled=>Universal Extractor 1.6.1 Updated Mar. 2013

Therefore it seems likely to me that my query is both valid and timely.

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