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Google Announces Android 4.3


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Android 4.3 is here!

Google announced a brand new Nexus 7 but what's new hardware if you don't have some new software to go with it? To that end, Google also unveiled the newest version of its Android operating system, Android 4.3. This upgrade isn't major in that Google is still calling it Jelly Bean but there are some changes worth noting.

The biggest is the introduction of restricted profiles. This feature will let you limit access to apps and content for certain user profiles on your device. This will allow you to enable parental controls for when you give your tablet to your kid but it'll also be important for retailers who want to use the tablets as point-of-sale systems or to display product information.

Android 4.3 also has support for Bluetooth Smart technology, and OpenGL ES 3.0. Devs will notice that integrating DRM into their own streaming protocols is easier thanks to a modular DRM framework, while apps will also now be able to access a built-in VP8 encoder from framework or native APIs for high-quality video capture. Apps will also be able to access and interact with the stream of status bar notifications as they are posted.

The Nexus 7 is the first device to ship with Android 4.3, but the update is being rolled out to other Nexus users.

Detail About whats new in Android 4.3: http://www.android.com/about/jelly-bean/

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