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What Common Dream You Had EveryDay?


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I am dreaming of downloading stuff from nsane.forums without sharecode. :P

So you are dreaming of downloading freeware? :P

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Recently I had dreams about Team Fortress 2's heavy in a bad avatar going after everyone. Felt like a horror film. :huh:



Trust me. Demon heavy with glowing eyes and samurai armour, with another demon medic healing him. And this heavy killing everyone in sight. That's not it, after waking up, I thought, there should have been an hero heavy in opposite side, in the spawn, when someone reaches him, he comes out and kills these evil heavy and his other partners. :D

If I had movie making skills, I would surely make a GMod or a Source film and submit it to Saaxy awards.

You play Team Fortress 2? Add me, DKT27, to Steam. :)

:lol: Better TF2 than L4D dream :)

Didn't see this before :P , I've added you now on Steam...

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