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Apple experimenting with 13-inch iPad and larger iPhones?


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According to the WSJ, Apple is experimenting with new screen-sizes for its most popular devices. A larger iPhone and an even larger iPad may be inbound, though we won't see either too soon.


That's no iPad Mini, that's the new iPhone Maxi!

According to the Wall Street Journal, everyone’s favourite fruit company is now testing devices with larger screens.

The WSJ reports that Apple has asked its suppliers to send over phone screens that are larger than 4 inches and some tablet screens slightly under 13 inches. This seems to indicate that Apple is experimenting with different form factors for its devices.

Apple has recently come under heavy criticism from its investors and fans for appearing to be uncompetitive in a market that is now dominated by Samsung and Google. The latest iPhone has been seen as a simple iteration even though it now sports a 4-inch screen, a jump above the previous 3.5-inch screens. At the same time the iPad Mini has shown that there’s demand for more variety in the company’s line-up.

Samsung and Apple’s other competitors have flooded the market with a plethora of devices, sporting every imaginable screen size. While this is not a perfect strategy it has led to success for Samsung as well as increased the demand for phones with large screens.

Of course there’s no indication that these new iDevices will actually hit markets. Companies routinely experiment with new form-factors and ideas and right now there’s no indication that this is a serious project inside of Apple. Then again we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Apple is trying to diversify its line-up.

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