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Emsisoft Emergency Kit


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Emsisoft Anti-Malware offers comprehensive PC protection against viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, worms, bots, keyloggers and rootkits. The product includes two powerful anti-malware scanners (Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and the Ikarus Anti-Virus engine) and 3 guards (file guard, behavior blocker and surf protection) to protect against new threats. Unlike conventional protection systems Emsisoft Anti-Malware does not only check files, but it also constantly monitors the behavior of all active programs and raises an alarm as soon as something suspicious happens, additionally the surf protection blocks malicious websites before they can plant malware on your system. 30 day trial/freeware - Can be unlocked to a full version by purchasing a license. Switches to freeware scanner mode on license expiry.


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Thanks. this software is very good for cleaning infected pcs, but loves to eat your memory. :o


Emsisoft Emergency Kit 4 ships with RAM optimizations, improved cleaning

Resident antivirus solutions are great to keep the PC and its users safe from the majority of threats computer users face in these days. No single antivirus solution catches all malware on the other hand regardless of what companies may claim.

While you can add security software to your setup to mitigate many vulnerabilities, EMET for instance or Sandboxie to run applications in a sandbox, no solution is 100% perfect. This leaves a chance, as little as it may be, that your system will get infected by malicious software.

That's when you need third party tools like Emsisoft's Emergency Kit to resolve the issues that you are facing. While you can wait for your resident program to update as well, it is usually not a good idea to do so. First, the virus is running on your system which means that you need to act immediately. Second, malware may prevent updates from being downloaded or installed on your system.

We have reviewed the application before here on Ghacks and I do not want to rehash all that has been said in previous reviews. Take a look at our Emergency Kit 2.04 review to get a solid overview of the program and its functionality.

Emsisoft has released a new version of the security toolkit today bringing the version of it to The program is compatible with all Windows operating systems that are still supported by Microsoft, meaning Windows XP to the very latest Windows 8.

You can still extract the contents of the program to your hard drive and run it from there directly without installation. This makes it an ideal tool to put on emergency DVDs or Flash drive toolkits.

What you may notice right away after running the program for the first time is that its memory usage has been reduced significantly. Emsisoft speaks of about 80 Megabytes that the company managed to save thanks to a restructured and optimized signature database. A great side-effect of this is that updates do not use as much bandwidth as before anymore, so that you will save on that front as well.

The second big improvement is the improved malware cleaning engine. The new engine improves the removal of malware by reducing the risk associated with the process.

The program itself loads a program launcher on start that you can use to access the four tools included in the emergency kit. This includes the scanner, which you can use to scan a target system for traces of malware, a command line scanner that offers the same functionality but without interface, the popular HiJackFree component to analyze important system locations and files, and a removal tool for files and Registry information that cannot be deleted by normal means.

Note: The program displays an exit popup on first close. Check the don't ask again button to hide it from that moment on.


A drop in RAM use is certainly a great improvement especially on systems with little system RAM. While it is not the top priority on most systems, considering that we are talking about an on-demand scanner that is only running when you start it up, it may help improve the scan speed and performance on low-end systems.

The improvements made the to cleanup engine are also noteworthy, even though it remains to be seen how good they really are.

All in all though, it is a great tool to have at hand when you run into malware problems or just want to give your PC a thorough analysis to make sure that nothing slipped by.

@ http://www.ghacks.net/2013/07/11/emsisoft-emergency-kit-4-ships-with-ram-optimizations-improved-cleaning/

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Emsisoft Emergency Kit 4 ships with RAM optimizations

Imagine if it had not been optimized. :tooth:

Better things to imagine than a non optimization )-;

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Emsisoft Emergency Kit 4 ships with RAM optimizations

Imagine if it had not been optimized. :tooth: ......happy-friends-smiley-emoticon.gif

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