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UAC conflict with microsoft's camera app


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damn.. I just logged on hoping some Windows 8 master could help..

Thanks tezza.. I saw that on another forum..

but that's a very bad idea to do..

I've done that accidentally under Windows 7 when I used the "Take Ownership" registry hack..

(which is why I don't use that tweak)

I know it's not that bad to click yes..

but that's not the problem I have with UAC..

some features & operations don't work with it enabled..

ie. to set file .PDF to PDF-XChange Viewer from Microsoft's Viewer app.. is problematic.. it will not do it..

when I try to edit the offending registry key.. im blocked.. even after taking ownership..

so I had to disable UAC, reboot, then it worked, then rebooted and enabled UAC.. for the store apps..

also most PortableApps that require elevated privileges are problematic..


not to mention..

Windows 8 is FASTER w/UAC disabled ..

not just from not having to click Yes.. but in terms of performance..

on my notebook.. my RAM usage goes down as well..

and becomes responsive ..

I hope some guru out there is able to find a way to disable UAC completely with Store Apps :)


UPDATE: I figured out why PortableApps weren't running correctly and very slow..

I had SmartScreen enabled.. with it disabled and UAC turned all the way down..

everything runs smoothly and quickly.. almost as if UAC was turned off :)

this way StoreApps also work ..

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