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FORENSICS; Not just picking at old panties and sifting for clues.


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Hoi! thought that would get your attention. Well it's kinda true. I am a Forensic Anthropologist. I work on cold cases mostly but all my referrals are dead and don't talk back or moan when I poke. prod and remove major pieces that would cause you the living a lot of pain and even death. But that not what I'm here to talk about. This is just an introduction to the group and a thank you for welcoming me here.

On the internet I'm known as CENTRALPANIC. I'm usually involved in some litigious legal bullshit, accused of stealing intellectual property and/or spamming. Being provocative, obscene, a liar and a paraiah to be avoided at most costs as your being associated with me will cast you in a negative light and leave you with a stain you'll have problems dissolving away. Just GOOGLE me and see.

BUT, you know something, that's exactly what I've tried to do since the 90's.

When I started running a BBS (remember those) and was sold a modem for 1000pounds. Baud rates then were 2400 you were fast, 9600 is what you needed. Well DOWTY told me the modem would do more than that with their HYPEREAL technology, I got suckered. Oh they didn't lie. They didn't tell the truth either. As long as you spoke to another identical modem of the Quattro class it did do over 9600. But anything else would do 2400. I was PISSED. I spent nearly 1/2 year getting no where and in the end I gave up and didn't pay what I owed. My credit rating suffered and I lost contacts and money. I was running an Adult BBS, paid for by subscriptions. If the mail was coming in, I would get happy customers. If not, they left along with their money. I was spending over 800 a month on BT long distance calls to the USA to collect mail at 2400b. We're talking 800k+ files here. And I had no money to buy a 9600. To cut a long story short, a friend in the us said he'd send me a 9600 modem in the mail. After that SCREWNET took off. But that for another day.

Going back to my previous comment on being as IN YUR FACE on the internet as possible. You'll get to know little by little, I actually don't know why I've wound up here today but .. oh yeah, I was trying to get some pirated Windows 8.1 release thang and wound up here. But I've already got my hands on a Windows 9 BLue ITANIUM APOCOLYPSE Build 6739 version from JAPAN only this afternoon (4.9GB) it should be awsome. So after installing that I'll talk to you later and once again I'm very happy to be here, let's see what shit we can stir up together.


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I'm wondering why you choose to be a Forensic Anthropologist.Would you like to introduce me some information on the process to be a Forensic Anthropologist

in your country?

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:( :( :( :( :( :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: ??????? Hmmmmmmm...... Pheeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......... :s :s :s Welcome :huh: :huh: :huh:

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