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You can now donate to WikiLeaks with your credit card via Iceland


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Icelandic Supreme Court ruling forces Valitor to resume processing donations.

On Wednesday, WikiLeaks announced that Valitor, its payment processor in Iceland, has resumed accepting credit card-based donations for the famed leaking site.

Back in April 2013, the Icelandic Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling finding that Valitor (formerly VISA Iceland) had illegally terminated a contract with DataCell, WikiLeaks’ Icelandic Web host, thereby stopping the processing of donations to the embattled site.

In a statement, WikiLeaks wrote that “MasterCard made clear to Valitor that it no longer desires to blockade WikiLeaks. Visa has not responded.” The group went on to explain its estimated loss from Valitor's earlier termination:

“The Supreme Court decision in Iceland was in favor of WikiLeaks and DataCell, but it did not include damages—deemed a separate issue under Icelandic law. A court claim for compensation is currently being prepared. Damages are estimated at 9 billion Icelandic Kronas (€55.9 million or $72.7 million).”

Even though WikiLeaks claims it has been under blockade, it was never impossible to donate to the embattled group. Less than a week after the Icelandic district court’s ruling in July 2012, WikiLeaks opened up a donations avenue through a French bank. And a new group, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, set up an online means to donate to Assange’s initiative by December 2012.

On its website, WikiLeaks also lists a myriad of other ways that people can donate, including sending direct bank transfers to various accounts in Iceland and Australia. The Wau Holland Foundation, a German group named after the founder of the Chaos Computer Club, has been WikiLeaks’ primary receiving entity in Germany, for example.

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