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HELLO @ALL Nsanedown Members:

After a long and frustrating search,now I turn to you, in the hope that you can maybe help me... smile.png

The following software has been released by Team RBS (Rebels):

2013-06-23 05:09:50 0DAY capella software_tonica_fugata_v11.0-01_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:09:20 0DAY capella software_tonica_fugata_v11.0-01-RBS2013-06-23 05:08:50 0DAY capella software_rondo_v4.0-05_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:08:20 0DAY capella software_capriccio_v5.0-07_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:07:50 0DAY capella software_capella_wave_kit_v2.0-01_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:07:20 0DAY capella software_capella_v7.1-16_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:06:50 0DAY capella software_capella_v7.1-16-RBS2013-06-23 05:06:20 0DAY capella software_capella_start_v7.1-16_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:05:50 0DAY capella software_capella_start_v7.1-16-RBS2013-06-23 05:05:21 0DAY capella software_capella_playAlong_v3.0-41_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:04:50 0DAY capella software_capella_playAlong_v3.0-41-RBS2013-06-23 05:04:20 0DAY capella software_capella-scan_v8.0-12_GERMAN RBS2013-06-23 05:03:49 0DAY capella software_capella-scan_v8.0-12-RBS2013-06-23 05:03:20 0DAY capella software_audite_v7.0-04_GERMAN RBS

Probably I need only the included keygen / patch...

I've been looking at:

1 Usenet
2 IRC (public) (xdcc.me, etc.)
3 Torrent (isohunt, etc. .....)
4 ed2k Network
5 Some German WarezBoard (boerse.bz, etc..)
6 Other international warez boards ....
7 Search engines (ddl search.biz, dlb.to, etc ...)
8 Google
9 Cracks Only: (Crack.fm NetCrack, keygens.nl, etc ...)
10.Warez sites (rlslog, tv releases, scenelog, rlssrc, myrls, com2dl, tusoft, mrzuo, etc..)


Unfortunately there is no other proper working crack/Patch/Keygen for the current capella Products...

Update 1:
I have found A Crackfix, which seems to work, at least for Capella 7.1-15, but not for: Capella Playalong, Capella Audite, Capella Tonica Fugata & Capella Rondo... sad.png
Capella 7 *all Products* Unlocker v1 ( March 2013)

Update 2:
The latest Keygen from Team-CRD/Crude is working for Capella 7.1-15, but not for the other.... sad.png

Update 3:

@LEMONSHARE it is possible to download current scene releases as monthly packages....

In one of these packages I have found the Team-Rbs Releases ( Scene Release as of 24 June 2013).

But you have only access to the downloads with the Premium-Membership.

For security reasons I will not sign there ( paying for Warez :wtf: ... Server-Location: Germany... :angry:

Sorry if my Post isn`t allowed here....& for my bad english too.



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