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Here’s what Android 4.3 might look like on a Galaxy S 4


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Leaks show small changes to Android 4.2, but we don't know everything yet.

Google introduced a wide array of under-the-hood features to Android 4.2 at its I/O developer conference last month, but many Android users were still left wanting more. It seems that "more" may be on the horizon, as Android 4.3 has been discovered running on both a Developer Edition and a Snapdragon-powered version of Samsung's Galaxy S 4 handset.



The Samsung rumors site SamMobile posted the leaked screenshots of Android 4.3 running on a Snapdragon-fueled Galaxy S 4. The screenshots indicate that there are a few minor tweaks to the user interface and an addition of a new live wallpaper, but it's hard to tell what other new features are coming with the update. One screenshot shows some new additions to the settings menu.


Looks like Android 4.3 may include some additional advanced Wi-Fi options.

SamMobile notes that although the software isn't yet available to the public, OEMs do have access to the source code to begin preparing it for release on their own devices. This will hopefully mean that Android 4.3 will be a more timely software release.

If you're feeling up to the task, you can download and install Android 4.3 if you have an unlocked Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S 4. Just keep in mind that it will void the warranty on your device.

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