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Microsoft teams up with PepsiCo, plans to give away thousands of Xbox Ones (US Only)


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This fall, PepsiCo and Microsoft will be teaming up to launch the biggest gaming promotion in brand history.

From WPCentral:

For now, you can head over to DewAndDoritos.com and enter your email address to sign up for updates.

The fun doesnt end there though; Major Nelson is giving away a couple of DEW/Doritos/Xbox commemorative kits and if you want the chance to pick one up, head over to his blog here and leave a comment.


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Xbox One is a disappointment. This video sums up pretty much everything...

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This is a new level of sad. Either they realize the only fanboys they have left are the overweight junk food eating still-lives-at-home types who want to deep throat Master Chief or...

No... that's all that's left.

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