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best net filter and monitoring


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Hi hamza1983,

OpenDNS seems to be getting good reviews around the net. Search for reviews on C|net or YouTube.

There is a "how to set it up" video on YouTube titled: "Quick Tip #2 - OpenDNS"

Hope it helps..

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a vote for squid & squidguard

i use squidnt & squidguard on my windows 7 desktop for all kinds of filtering/blocking (also means i dont have to have a ton of firefox addons slowing down my browsing), mostly ads/tracking, but it will do everything. i also save about 20% on average of my bandwidth, which is the other reason i use it, as im on mobile broadband and its not cheap

if i had a spare PC id move to linux squid though....

not as simple to setup as K9 however

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