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NSA Infringed Adam Hart-Davis' Photograph For Its PRISM Logo


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NSA Infringed Adam Hart-Davis' Photograph For Its PRISM Logo

Perhaps the NSA has finally met its match: copyright infringement. You may have seen the logo that the NSA is
using for the PRISM program (shown here upside down for a reason that will become clear shortly):


Well, it turns out that the prism image that they used is being used without permission. The photo was actually
taken by Adam Hart-Davis, a well-known BBC presenter. You can see the original below:

Photo by Adam Hart-Davis/DHD Multimedia Gallery

As Adam's son, Damon, notes in the link above, the image is free for use via his gallery under some
simple terms, including acknowledging the author. Damon jokingly suggests asking the NSA for a small donation,
though he worries about any undue attention from the folks at the NSA.

Of course, in a country where copyright laws trump all, perhaps Damon could sue for infringement and seek
discovery to find out all the documentation on PRISM.


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