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Wikipad coming to the US June 11th for $250, worldwide release later this summer


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Wikipad has finally announced the official release date for its upcoming 7-inch gaming tablet. The Android-powered device is set to hit the market on June 11 in the United States for $250, with a worldwide launch set to follow sometime later this summer. Only a few select retailers will carry the Wikipad, at least initially, including Best Buy, Walmart, and TigerDirect. The company says the list could potentially expand down the line.

A few details were left out of today's announcement. For one thing, there was no mention of the 10.1-inch variant of the device, or the PlayStation Cloud / Gaikai support that was touted as being part of the feature set. According to Engadget, Wikipad has assured them that the streaming functionality offered by Sony will be in the feature set going forward, but wasn't forthcoming about the reason for the delay.

PlayStation Mobile support was included, though, making this one of the few devices not made by Sony itself to include the functionality. This gives gamers access to classic PlayStation games on the tablet, which should be nice for a trip down memory lane.

As for specs, Wikipad confirmed the use of a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor that's reportedly "optimized for cloud gaming with a 12 core Nvidia GPU." It also comes with Android 4.1 installed so it should be able to handle other tasks besides playing games. As far a storage is concerned, the Wikipad comes with 16GB of storage out of the box, with the option to add up to 32GB of additional space via MicroSD card.

@ http://www.wikipad.com/Content/pdf/Wikipad-PressRelease-20130604.pdf

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