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window 8 enterprise evaluation


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I want a [ Staff Edit ] for Windows 8 msdn enterprise evaluation


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Things to Know Before You Start

  • The evaluation edition will expire and cannot be upgraded.

  • To upgrade, the evaluation must be uninstalled and a non-evaluation version of Windows must be re-installed from your original installation media.
  • Consider running the evaluation edition in a virtual environment or installing on a separate hard drive or partition. The will allow you to upgrade your original Windows installation to Windows 8.
  • During registration (required) you must login with a Microsoft account and provide your name, e-mail address and country.
  • You are required to activate the product online within 10 days after installing.
  • Once the evaluation is installed, you cannot upgrade. To revert to a previous version of Windows, you must do a clean install from your original installation media.


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Please read the board rules before posting anything .

Asking such contents is in direct violation of laid conduct rules @nsane .

Topic Locked .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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