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June 03, 2013

RoboFolder takes a fresh approach into managing your photos by re-arranging the folder structure to logical folder structure with descriptive names. RoboFolder allows you to rename files based on flexible renaming system and do many common photographer tasks, including auto-rotate photos (lossless), auto-correct image resolution, assign copyright info to each photo on your collection automatically.

OS: Windows

Glarysoft Giveaway page

Official program homepage


Glarysoft 24h wrapper gone, may be installed on any given time.

NOTE: Installation file says it's v1.2.0.72

Download: (multiple locations)

Site: http://rghost.net/
Sharecode: 46470286 [?]

Site: http://ge.tt/
Sharecode: 8lcEELi [?]

Site: http://www.gamefront.com/
Sharecode: files/23373132/RF1.2.0.72.zip [?]

Site: http://www.queenshare.com/
Sharecode: dft715uuregp/RF1.2.0.72.zip.html [?]

Site: http://hipfile.com/
Sharecode: qey7r3b0d278/RF1.2.0.72.zip.html [?]

Site: http://www.ziddu.com/
Sharecode: download/22305351/RF1.2.0.72.zip.html [?]

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